Plasticland (Pty) Ltd


The directors of Spirit Capital (Pty) Ltd are pleased to announce the acquisition of a majority interest in Store & More (previously Plasticland).

Nature of business

Store & More offers a wide selection of really useful merchandise for the whole family, from storage to homeware, outdoor to office, school to party and everything in between. Store & More operates several retail stores across the country from which it sells its product range.

Rationale for transaction

Jon Els, previously the CEO of The Crazy Store, approached Spirit with the opportunity of jointly acquiring the Store & More business. Jon’s vision is to aggressively grow Store & Mores’ retail footprint through the opening of new stores and the consolidation of competing stores in the industry. Spirit believes that there is a strong case to be made to develop Store & More into the leading retailer in its category in future years.

Terms of the transaction

The terms of the transaction remain confidential.

December 2016 - Fourways

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